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Garage Door Safety

All garage door openers should have an automatic reverse that stops the door if there is an obstruction when moving downward and returns the door to the open position. This helps prevent injury to people, pets and vehicles. You should test this feature once a month. If the reverse feature takes too much pressure to stop and return to the open position or the feature does not work at all, take the door opener out of service until fixed. Normally on the housing of the opener, on the back side, you will find instructions on how to adjust this feature.

Other safety features of the garage door include the photo eyes located on both sides of the door at the ground. When an object comes between these photo eyes, the door should stop and return to the open position. Have your opener serviced if this important safety feature is not functioning properly.

Another safety precaution is the make sure the garage door opener button is located at least five feet from the ground. This will keep it out of reach for children.

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