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Great Vacation Safety Tips for Your Home!

Before you leave on vacation consider these tips to help protect your investment!

1. Turn off the main water supply to reduce the risk of a leak while you are gone. 2. Check your sump pump to make sure you don't come home to water in the basement. 3. Turn up the thermostat to save energy. 4. Unplug electronics that are not protected to save energy and reduce risk of fire. 5. Light rooms with timers to make it appear someone is home.

6. Be Smart About Your Social Sharing as someone may be interested in inviting themselves in while you are gone.

7. Use a Buddy System and have someone stop by to look in on your place while you're away.

8. Update Your Security Company that you will be gone.

Enjoy your vacation and be safe!

Book Your Inspection Today 262-860-0766 Nick Jewett is the owner of Pro-Tech Home Inspection LLC and is Wisconsin State licensed and Nationally certified. Pro-Tech offers quality and thorough inspection services as well as radon testing in the Milwaukee area.

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