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Sump Pumps, what you need to know

Basement flooding is one of the most devastating things that can happen in someones home. It can cost thousands of dollars in property damage, and health damage due to growth of mold. A Sump pump is a piece of equipment that prevent such damage, but if not maintained properly may fail. Sump pumps collect water from the drain tile system and then pump it away from the home. As we have talked about before, the sump pump should discharge out the side of the house at least six feet and not into your floor drain.

Follow the manufacturer instructions on maintaining your sump pump. Check to make sure your sump crock is not getting too full or running constantly. These may be signs that your sump pump motor needs replacement or there is too much water being directed to the sump. I recommend you Install a cover to protect items from falling in the sump pump pit. It is also common to install a battery backup for your sump pump in case the electricity goes out. The backup battery will keep your sump pump operating and will keep water out of your house.


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