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Basement Water Intrusion Solutions

An average size roof will collect over 1200 gallons of water during a one inch rain fall. Many houses have water in the basement because of all this water. So how do you fix a water problem in the basement?

  • Gutters and gutter extensions: very important in this matter. It is good practice to make sure your gutter extensions are attached securely and are terminating at least six feet from your house to keep water away from your foundation.

  • Grading: make sure water is flowing away from your house. Create a swale if you must. The ground should be sloping away from the house one inch for every foot for at least the first six feet from the house and have a place to drain.

  • Sump pump: having a well functioning drain tile and sump pump system will get water away from the foundation. The water should be pumped out to the yard at least six feet from the house and have a place to drain so that the water stays away from the house.

Conclusion: If you end up with a wet basement, go outside and carefully consider how water is being managed.

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Nick Jewett is the owner of Pro-Tech Home Inspection LLC and is Wisconsin State licensed and Nationally certified. Pro-Tech offers quality and thorough inspection services as well as radon testing in the Milwaukee area.

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