Important Spring Home Checklist

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Spring maintenance

How important is preventive maintenance? Preventive maintenance can mean the difference between maintaining the value in your home or depleting the equity you might have gained. Homes can appreciate in value on their own. The way to maintain that appreciation is to do minor routine tasks, proactively, to help keep the home operating and functioning normally. Many major operating malfunctions or complete failures can easily be avoided if homeowners take just a few minutes to do some routine minor household tasks. Many home fires and losses could have been avoided if the homeowner had a maintenance system in place to avoid such disasters.

Here are some Spring maintenance tips to help protect your investment:

  • Clean gutters; make sure they are flowing properly.

  • Sump pump; test to make sure it will operate when needed which will help prevent flooding.

  • Inspect roof for damaged shingles.

  • Have air conditioner services before running. Remember never to turn on until outside temperature is over 60 degrees for 24 hours.

  • Humidifier attached to furnace; turn off and shut off water so you don’t get more humidity than you want in the summer.

  • Check flashing and re-seal as needed.

  • Renail any loose siding or trim boards.

  • Check house and garage for any rotting wood, and repair as needed.

  • Chimneys for wood-burning appliances such as fireplaces; have inspected and swept as necessary which will reduce risk of chimney fire.

  • Check porch flooring, and repair as needed.

  • Check and replace any bad caulking around windows, doors, siding joints, or anywhere else needed.

  • Scrape loose window glazing, and replace as needed.

  • Clean windows and their frames when installing screens. Wash and repair screens at this time.

  • Check caulk or seal between house and drive, and repair as needed.

  • Oil garage door tracks.

  • Trim trees, bushes, and shrubs. (Wait until spring-flowering shrubs have finished blooming.) Remember, all vegetation should be at least six inches from the building to prevent moisture build-up.

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