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Fall Home Inspection Do It Yourself List

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Time to check up on your house again. It is important not to neglect your house as most people pay more attention to their car than their house. This to do list will help keep your house running smoothly.

Gutters – clean to extend the life of the gutters and keep your basement or crawlspace dry

Heating system - service before turning on to protect the equipment

Gas fireplace - service with other gas appliances including fireplace

Outdoor hose bibs - shut off unless they are frost free to prevent freezing damage to pipes

Hot water heating systems - bleed radiators to remove air to allow them to work best they can

Hot water heating systems - lubricate circulating pump as needed to extend life

Humidifier connected to furnace - turn on and open the water supply to the humidifier so it will work in the heating season

Humidifiers and central air conditioners – open the damper on the humidifier bypass to allow humidifier to work in heating season

Electric baseboard heaters – vacuum to remove dust to increase efficiency and reduce risk of fire

Well water – have tested by laboratory to ensure water is safe to drink

Sump pump - test to make sure will remove water when needed and avoid flooding

Exterior vents - ensure vent flaps close properly to reduce heat loss and prevent pest entry

Follow these helpful tips to Pro-Tech your investment!

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Nick Jewett is the owner of Pro-Tech Home Inspection llc and offers quality inspection services in the Milwaukee area. Nick has over 10 years of construction experience which allows him to effectively describe what is going on with your house.

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