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Steel Lintels and Veneer Siding

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Veneer siding is a great way to get the look of stone or brick without the cost. Today we will look at one aspect of veneer siding, lintels. If you have faux stone or brick veneer siding it is important to check the lintels for rusting. Lintels are usually made of steel and transfer the load of walls over the openings, such as doors and windows, to the wall system on either side. These lintels must be strong enough and stiff enough to carry the vertical loads without deflecting. They must also be durable enough to withstand weathering since they are in the elements.

The problem with most lintels is that before installation they were not primed and painted with rust resistant paint. Over time they start to rust. If you notice the lintels rusting and you do not see cracks around the opening you can take a wire brush, scrape off the rust, prime the lintels, and then paint with Rustoleum. If cracks are present it means that the lintels are rusting enough that they are expanding from the oxidation of the metal. You should consult with a specialist at this point to see if you need new lintels all together.

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