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6 Cheap renovations to make your house more sellable

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1. Refresh your appliances

If your appliances are looking old or don't match, don't go out and buy brand new ones; it's expensive, and the people who buy your house might just replace them with a style that suits their taste anyway. Instead, order new doors or face panels from the manufacturer. This is a cheap way to create a more cohesive-looking kitchen that will impress prospective buyers and increase your resale price.

2. Turning old flooring into new

Your carpet is an important area to keep looking new and clean, but that doesn't mean you have to replace it when selling your home. If your current carpet is in good shape, simply hire a professional carpet cleaner to freshen it up. If it's been around awhile and looks a little worn, then purchase attractive area rugs that will cover up the ugly spots. Keep in mind that you shouldn't purchase new carpeting when selling your home because, again, the new owners will probably not like it (everything from "It's too bland" for a calming neutral, or "It's too bold" for a fabulous up-to-the-minute shade) and will tear it out anyway.

3. Update the Kitchen

Since everyone wants a great kitchen, this is one of the most popular rooms for homebuyers to scrutinize, but that doesn't mean you have to re-gut the whole thing. When renovating your kitchen, simply replace the kitchen faucet set, add new cabinet door handles and update old lighting fixtures with bright and more energy efficient ones.If your cabinets are looking dingy and you have a larger budget, find a re-facing company who will refinish your cabinet boxes and then add brand new doors and drawers -- or simply repaint and/or replace the cabinet doors yourself.

4. Just like new bathroom

Things like buying a new toilet seat and pedestal sink, replacing or covering up vinyl tiles, re-grouting tile around the bathtub and shower, and covering up your bath with a prefabricated tub are simple inexpensive updates that you can make yourself.

5. Put out the welcome mat

One of the first things potential buyers will notice is your front door, so make a great first impression by paying some attention to it. Make sure you have a sturdy looking handle and lock set, which will suggest your home is solid. Also repaint your front door for more curb appeal.

6. Maintain your lawn

Ensuring your lawn is well manicured is one of the most obvious things you should do when prepping your home for sale. Make sure your walkway is swept and weeded and that the lawn is well groomed. Look into purchasing a few nice looking shrubs or flower plants.

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