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Why do I need a home inspection?

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A home inspection provides you with a detailed report as the home inspector looks at over 1,000 items that could present an issue or problem for you as a home buyer. While a home inspection is not a guarantee, it does provide you with a good understanding of the components of a house. A Home inspector is a generalist who can highlight areas where your home needs attention and can direct you to the appropriate trade for the repairs.

A home inspector will typically start by looking around the entire exterior of the home to check things like, grading, condition of the foundation, basement windows, air conditioner, siding, trim, windows, doors, electrical entrance, flashing’s, soffit and fascia, proper vents, roofing materials, roof flashing’s, chimney’s and other roof penetrations. The inspector will then typically move into the garage and look at the ceilings or rafters, walls, floor, electrical system, fire wall(s), doors and door openers along with their safety features.

After the garage the inspection will move to the interior of the home to examine the attic, looking at insulation type and R-Value, signs of moisture, and any structural issues.

Next, the inspector will examine each room to make sure there is a heat source and a switch operated light source, check electrical outlets, operation of the windows and doors. The inspection moves on, looking at the kitchen, testing outlets for GFCI at the enitre countertop, appiances, plumbing, cabinets.

A home inspector will move to the basement, inspecting the foundation, plumbing, main electircal panel, outlets, floor drain presence, heating system, and water heater. Your inspector will try to determine the age of your furnace, water heater and air conditioning unit to help you determine an estimated remaining serviceable life.

Your inspection will take about two and a half to three hours to complete. You are encourage to attend all or part of the inspection and are strongly encourage to relay any of your concerns to the inspector before or during the inspection.

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