Do Not Forget Checklist

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We have talked about some important aspects in regards to keeping water out of the house but there are other things that deserve attention this time of year. Lets look at some of them and take note as to what you can do to maintain your house.

Gutters - clean to extend life of gutters and help keep the basement dry

Air Conditioning system - have it serviced before turning on to prolong life and protect equipment, the system should never be turned on unless the outside temp has been over 60 degrees for 24 hours

Sump Pump - test to make sure water will be redirected away from house when needed, think about getting a backup battery for the sump pump if you do not already have one.

Well Water - have tested by laboratory to make sure it is safe to drink

Humidifier attached to furnace - turn off humidifier and water source so you don't get more humidity in the house in the summer

Chimneys for fireplaces and other wood burning appliances - have inspected and swept to reduce chance of chimney fire

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